Worldview composer

   Music Penderecki (even the most complex experiments in atonal music) is always calculated at a wide audience and favorably differs from many elite works of composers of XX century on the accessibility of musical language. In works of creative expression atonal period Penderecki has always been open lapidary; later proizvedniyah detects existing under the influence of Shostakovich's seriousness, pathos and a clear internal stress.

   Creativity Penderecki permeated with the ideas of ecumenism. As a Catholic, Penderecki often drawn to the Orthodox tradition ( «Matins», 1970-1971; «Glory to St. Daniel, Prince of Moscow», 1997).

   With great interest Penderecki related to Russian culture, which was manifested in the creation of works of «Glory to St. Daniel, Prince of Moscow» (1997), «Passions of John» (on texts from the Bible, Bulgakov and Dostoyevsky, is not currently finished) and a speaker at texts by Sergei Yesenin (not finished, the exact name is unknown).

   Most of the late works of Penderecki written to order. Among the musicians on the basis of skill which a composer's works - Mstislav Rostropovich. However, the necessity of following orders does not limit the creative freedom of the composer.